Systemic relationship counselling by Felix Schürholz in Grünwald (near Munich)

Systemic relationship counselling, as I practice it , supports, encourages and frames change and growth processes of individuals and partners in a relationship. Reference points for this work are primarily the structures that give meaning (Sinnstrukturen) and the basic orientations/values of the partners.

The aim of the consultation is to realize the formulated relationship needs and the reduction of relationship problems within a reasonable time frame. Such a time frame is typically 12 sessions or half a year.

Paar in der Krise

Basis of this work is, amongst other things, a questionnaire:

(A: Goals and problem areas) Press here for questionnaire A , which is filled in by the couples before the first meeting.

In a protected environment, the partners get the chance to clarify the structure and dynamics of their relationship. Guided and supported, they have the opportunity first to try smaller or larger changes in their relationship and if successful to gradually develop and implement them.

For most couples, there is a lot at stake: It is about their personal development as individuals in a relationship, but also it is about the whole family, especially when children are involved. Therefore it is very important that you take your time and space necessary, so that this process leads to a good solution for everyone involved.

Partner- und Familienglück

I am looking forward to accompany and support – you, your partner and your family in this process.

Feel free to make an appointment for counselling with me at my practice in Grünwald, south of Munich, or call me during my free phone consultation every Wednesday from 21:00 until 22:00 under Tel: 089 – 306 577 97.

Yours Felix Schürholz, Coach & Decision Coach

Coaching & Decision Coaching in Naturheilzentrum im Kurz´nhof, Am Rathausplatz in Grünwald (South of Munich)

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